This service can be an additional service to the Tenant Find package or can be taken out on it’s own. With this service the landlord gets peace of mind that their white goods within a rented property are well maintained. We will regularly inspect the appliances and if any repairs are needed these will be carried out at no additional cost (Upon initial inspection and up to the value of £400). If the only option is to replace the appliance we will endeavour to find a like-for-like replacement.

Here is a list of what will be included in our White Goods Maintenance package:

  • Dishwasher,
  • Clothes Dryers,
  • Freezers,
  • Refrigerators,
  • Washing Machines

We also provide maintenance on smaller appliances such as:

  • Electric Kettles
  • Toasters
  • Microwaves

Note - We do not provide any legal cover or guarantee on appliances over and above the manufacturers warranty.